St. John Vianney High School

Need-Based Scholarship Application

There are two (or three) steps to applying for a need-based scholarship. These steps must be completed no later than March 1, 2019.

  1. Complete the Smart Aid application
  2. Student must complete a typed essay, minimum 500 words. 
  3. Applying for the Clayton Pfeiffer, Tom Valenti, or Vianney Alumni Association scholarship?
    Please submit the appropriate letter of recommendation or reference via our online form.

Please complete the form below, and you will be asked to upload the essay using a Word, PDF or compatible file:

  • *If you are in the Class of 2023, we will use your grade school records to determine GPA qualifications.

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  • Please click here to review the criteria for these scholarships. You are free to apply for all scholarships for which you are eligible.

  • Brian Gruender Memorial Scholarship (Sophomore, junior or senior, min. 2.0 GPA, involved in activity)Brett Grant Memorial Scholarship (Sophomore, Min. 2.5 GPA, service to community)Clayton Pfeiffer Memorial Scholarship (Junior, min. 2.5 GPA, involved in activity) - MUST SUBMIT A LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION FROM A VIANNEY COACH, TEACHER, OR ADMINISTRATOR.Christopher H. Buehrle Memorial Fund (This grant may be utilized during the school year which the parent or legal guardian passes away or during the subsequent school year if the passing occurs after March 1)Dennis and Patricia Fesler Memorial Scholarship: Established in 2018, there are as many as four $5,000 renewable scholarships awarded to students who have good moral character, maintain a 2.5 GPA, and demonstrate need. Rev. August Frische Memorial ScholarshipDaniel Ringwald Memorial Scholarship (Current student demonstrating academic progress)Jack Glaser Memorial Scholarship (Current Vianney student)Kathleen A. Gau Memorial Scholarship (Incoming freshman, min 2.5 GPA)McBride Alumni Scholarship (Relative of McBride alumnus)Lt. Daniel Riordan Memorial Scholarship (Incoming freshman) - A SEPARATE APPLICATION WILL BE MAILED TO STUDENTS WHO QUALIFY FOR THIS SCHOLARSHIP.Nick and John Allen Eagle Scout Scholarship (Any Vianney student who has attained the rank of Eagle Scout) - A SEPARATE APPLICATION AND ESSAY IS REQUIRED.Patrick & Peggy Sly Scholarship.Robert Bosslet Jr. Memorial Scholarship (Min. 3.0 GPA)Tom Cella Memorial Scholarship (sophomore, min. 2.5 GPA, involved in activity)Tom Valenti Memorial Scholarship (Sophomore, junior or senior, min. 2.5 GPA, involved in activity )- MUST SUBMIT A LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION FROM A VIANNEY COACH, TEACHER, OR ADMINISTRATOR.Vianney Alumni Association Scholarship (Son, step-son or grandson of Vianney alumnus) - MUST PRESENT TWO LETTERS OF PERSONAL REFERENCE.
  • Each applicant must submit an essay of at least 500 words on this topic:

    Describe two people who have had an influence on your life and how they shaped who you are today?

    Complete your essay and upload it as a Word document or PDF. Click on the button below to locate the document on your computer.

    Be certain to click the "APPLY" button below and wait for the page to load to complete the application process.

    • Applicants for the Lt. Dan Riordan Memorial Scholarship will not be notified until early May because there are extra requirements for that scholarship.

      Thank you for applying.