CLUB NAME: Ping Pong Club

STUDENTS ELIGIBLE: All Vianney students are welcome, regardless of skill level. 

MODERATOR NAME: Nick Kheriaty and Keith Touzinsky


STUDENT OFFICERS: We are currently seeking two ping pong club officers to help set up and clean up the tables, and organize a school-wide tournament. Let Mr. Kheriaty know if you are interested. 

DETAILED DESCRIPTION: Need a study break after school? Stop by and play a game in the Commons on Tuesdays. We play quick games to 11. First come first serve on the tables. No need to sign up. Just show up and play. 

MEETING TIMES: We typically play from 2:45 - 3:45 pm. The days of the week rotate, so listen for announcements. 

CLUB/ACTIVITIES NEWS AND EVENTS: We will be launching a school-wide tournament this fall. Listen to announcements for details. 


LINKS TO EXTERNAL SITES: To learn more than you ever wanted to know about ping pong paddles, check out or