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Blood Drive

Blood Drive

The "Blood Apostles" are student volunteers who help plan, organize and carry out the Vianney Blood Drive. There are two Blood Drives throughout the school year. One is in the late fall and one is conducted in the spring. Blood Apostles are normally upper classmen who have a strong desire of ensuring the success of the Blood Drive.

Club Moderators: Mr. Bill Alexander (

Eligibility: Any student who is 17-years-old may give blood. Any student who is 16 may have a waiver signed by their parents. Everyone must present a government picture ID with birth date at registration along with the last 4 digits of their social security number. All parents and alumni are invited to give blood.

Season: Two blood drives held per school year. One in each semester

Meetings: Various planning meetings & 2 blood drives during the school year

Possible Activity Points: 10 points