Summer Camps 2020

We want to support academic and athletic fitness this summer without compromising the health and safety of our community. That is why Vianney has restructured its summer camps this year. We will follow the most updated guidelines regarding health screening, proper cleaning protocol, and social distancing toward ensuring the safety of each participant.
Sessions are currently scheduled on campus June 29-August 6. The schedule is subject to change if healthy and safety guidelines change. Families will receive a full refund if a camp is cancelled.
Our summer camp is designed to challenge boys entering grades 2 to 9 in the fall. Our faculty provide a hands-on experience in Art, Band, Broadcast, Critical Thinking, Cybersecurity, Robotics, Science, and Technology while our coaches bring their "A Game" in Baseball, Basketball, Football, Lacrosse, Soccer, Volleyball, and Wrestling. Our camps are about having fun and making friends while learning skills that will prepare boys for high school and beyond.


Those attending academic camps can register for them via the ACADEMIC CAMP REGISTRATION FORM. Please complete a separate registration for each camper. 

7/20 to 7/23   3-6 pm   6th-9th
Learn techniques and musicality with Band Director Alex Borje and his band students. At least one year of playing experience is required.
Arts Center   $80

7/6 to 7/10   10:30-12:30 pm   6th-8th
Get hands-on experience in the classroom and on the field, by honing skills in TV and radio play-by-play, anchoring, and reporting. Campers receive an evaluation of their broadcast ability and a demo reel of their camera work upon completion.
Media Center   $105

7/6 to 7/10   1:30-3:30 pm   6th-8th 
Explore your creativity with different ceramic art projects. Develop skills in clay building techniques like coil building, slab building and wheel throwing. Underglazes will be applied. Kiln firing and project pickups are arranged after camp. All materials are supplied.
Arts Center   $110

Critical Thinking
6/29 to 7/3   8-10 am   6th-8th
How is becoming a successful YouTuber similar to the spread of the coronavirus? Why should Esports be considered as an Olympic sport? Formerly known as Brain Camp, attend one of the sessions this summer and hone your critical thinking skills to identify similarities between seemingly disparate concepts. Along the way, students will learn more about St. John Vianney High School and connect with its future students.
Media Center   $110

7/13 to 7/17   1:30-3:30 pm   6th-8th
Campers take on cyber ethics, online safety, how computers work, and cyber threats. Learn basic Window security policies, tools account management, file protection, and much more.            
Room 201   $80

7/27 to 7/31   9 am-noon   6th-8th
Immerse yourself in a comprehensive robotics environment with state-of-the-art equipment using sensors, motor controllers, and programmable hardware to build a fully autonomous or driver-controller robot!
Media Center   $149

7/6 to 7/10   10 am-noon   6th-8th
Get ready for fun, hands-on science activities located in our modern, spacious lab rooms. This camp offers engaging science sessions that include: building the best balloon racer and a rubber-band racer, trying different designs to see who can build their racer to travel the furthest distance; creating a paper flying machine that goes further than a paper airplane; learning how the FBI classifies fingerprints and creating a sample of your own prints; finding out if a suspect cheated using the ink chromatography lab; analyzing your cheek cells under a microscope, along with different types of threads, bacteria, and frog blood; classifying the characteristics of different rocks under the microscope; and comparing rocks formed from volcanic magma to rocks found in your backyard.
STEM Labs $75

Studio Art
7/13 to 7/17   1:30-3:30 pm   3rd-5th
7/27 to 7/31   1:30-3:30 pm   6th-8th
Explore your creativity with different studio art projects. Drawing, painting and clay will be used to create projects to take home. All materials are supplied.
Arts Center   $110

7/20 to 7/24   1:30-3:30 pm   6th-8th
Campers learn Computer Science & Technology modules like Web Development, Graphics Design, and App Development. Rotate each day through these technology components and get hands-on experience with Computer Science principles.
Computer Labs 201 & 205  $125

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Those attending athletic camps register for those directly with the coaches via the registration links provided. 

Athletic Readiness CANCELLED
7/6 to 7/31   MWF 9:30-11 am   6th-8th
This camp is for all athletes of all sports. Taught by nationally-certified Strength and Conditioning coaches, campers develop physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in a faith-based environment. They focus on strength, flexibility, core training, and general fitness.
Don Heeb Field   $100

7/20 to 7/22 8-11 am 2nd-8th
Hall of Fame Varsity Coach Scott Brown, 2017-2018 NFHS Coaches Association National Coach of the Year, hosts this camp for beginner, intermediate, and advanced baseball players.
North Athletic Complex $115  REGISTRATION

7/6 to 7/10   8-11 pm  5th-6th
7/6 to 7/10   12:30-3:30 pm  7th-8th
7/13 to 7/17   8:30-11 am   3rd-4th
7/13 to 7/17   12:30-3:30 pm  7th-8th
7/27 to 7/31    8-11 am  7th-8th
7/27 to 7/31    12:30-3:30 pm 5th-6th
Attend one of the sessions with Varsity Coach Kevin Walsh, who celebrated his 300th career win last season. He focuses on developing player’s individual skills in a fun and competitive environment.on
Fieldhouse   $120-$125  REGISTRATION

7/13 to 7/17   6-8 pm   3rd-8th
Head Football Coach Chad Masters with his staff and team hosts this camp to focus on skills/fundamentals in fun and exciting sessions. Campers learn the finer points of football, leadership, teamwork, and individual skill development in the same ways that help the Griffin football program achieve success on and off the field!
Don Heeb Field   $100  REGISTRATION

Football Air
7/11   9 am-12:30 pm   4th-8th
Attend one of the sessions for aspiring quarterbacks, receivers and running backs. Head Football Coach Chad Masters and his staff cover the mechanics, fundamentals and drills of the passing game as well as leadership development and how to read defenses.
Don Heeb Field   $30  REGISTRATION

8/3 to 8/6   12:30-3 pm   5th-8th
This camp is for all levels of players. Through individual and small group activities, each camper earns the skills needed to grow their game. Equipment is needed.
North Athletic Complex   $95  REGISTRATION

7/6 to 7/9   6-8  pm   2nd-8th
7/20 to 7/23   8-10 am   2nd-8th
Attend one of the sessions to learn the fundamental skills of soccer in a fun, yet challenging ,environment. This camp is for beginner, intermediate and advanced players with coaching staff, alumni playing college soccer, and current players serving as instructors.
Don Heeb Field   $100  REGISTRATION

Speed & Agility
6/29 to 7/2  10:00 to 11:30 am  5th-8th
Campers learn change of direction techniques, stride length, and body positioning to improve athleticism and confidence for all sports. Sessions include plyometrics, calisthenics, body-weight strength, and flexibility.
Don Heeb Field   $100  REGISTRATION

7/13 to 7/17   10-noon   3rd-8th
Try the oldest sport in the world, focusing on individual and team wrestling skills using the folk-style technique.
Maryhurst Gym   $80   REGISTRATION