St. John Vianney High School

Faculty/Staff Directory

To contact any person by phone, call 314.965.4853
followed by the appropriate extension.

Last name First Department Web page E-mail Phone ext.
Alexander William Science Web Page 715
Amelung Chris Cafeteria 151
Baker Emilie Admissions 134
Bishop Michael Mathematics Web Page 723
Book Al Fine Arts Web Page 707
Brown Eric Physical Education Web Page 758
Brown Scott Administration Web Page 114
Buehrle Mark Religion Web Page 277 
Burke Tim English Web Page 709
Cerone Pete Advancement 118
Cochran Janet Business Office 153
Cochran Terry Athletics Web Page 124
Czajkowski Pattie Guidance Web Page 148
Day Paul Leadership  
DePhillips Wendell Business Office 155
Dilg Bob Maintenance 136
Dilg Tim Administration Web Page 113
Finley Dawn English Web Page 732 
Gauvain Dave Physical Education Web Page 133
Guth Alyce Advancement 122
Hackett Lisa Front Desk  
Haddock Brian Practical Arts Web Page 725
Hamilton Adam Science Web Page 757
Hoge Jillian English Web Page 745 
Jewell Les Media and Technology Web Page 139 
Judge Colleen Fine Arts Web Page 140
Kennedy Craig Mathematics Web Page  
Kenney, S.M. Fr. Tim Campus Ministry 280
Kheriaty Nick Science Web Page 721
Lantz Ryan Guidance Web Page 119
Lewis Brandon Social Studies Web Page 761
Loyet Mike Administration 112
Matreci Dennis Social Studies Web Page 116
Mayes Terri Administration 100
McLoughlin, S.M. Bro. Roy Religion Web Page 737
McVey Tim Bookstore 123
Meyer Bob Guidance 121
Mitchell Carrie Religion Web Page 743
Mohr John English Web Page 739
Mulvihill Tom Admissions 142
Owens Don Social Studies Web Page 712
Petersen David Mathematics Web Page 734
Prost Robert Mathematics Web Page 704
Redman Bill Science Web Page 767
Remiger Jeremy Campus Ministry 137
Sargent Eric English Web Page 750
Scanlon Sean Practical Arts Web Page 751
Schnur Elaine Business Office 150
Schuermann Mark Advancement 144
Sodemann Linda Guidance 117
Stein Nate Social Studies Web Page 752
Staggenborg Rob Communications 270
Thomas Will Spanish Web Page 731
Thompson Kristi Spanish Web Page 722
Touzinsky Keith Science 705
Trowbridge Bob Mathematics Web Page 760
Walsh Charlie Social Studies Web Page 756
Walsh Kevin Social Studies Web Page 114
Walsh Molly Advancement 166
Weber Jared German Web Page 719
White Meredith Guidance Web Page 120
Wyss Shawn Practical Arts Web Page 716