Teacher Web Pages

To contact any person by phone, call 314.965.4853
followed by the appropriate extension.

Last name First Department    Web page E-mail Phone ext.
Alexander William Science Web Page balexander@vianney.com 715
Amelung Chris Cafeteria   camelung@vianney.com 151
Baker Emilie Admissions   ebaker@vianney.com 134
Bishop Michael Mathematics Web Page mbishop@vianney.com 723
Book Al Fine Arts Web Page abook@vianney.com 707
Brown Eric Physical Education Web Page ebrown@vianney.com 758
Brown Scott Administration Web Page sbrown@vianney.com 114
Buehrle Mark Religion Web Page mbuehrle@vianney.com 277 
Burke Tim English Web Page tburke@vianney.com 709
Cerone Pete Advancement   pcerone@vianney.com 118
Cleary John Religion  Web Page jcleary@vianney.com 701
Cochran Janet Business Office   jcochran@vianney.com 153
Cochran Terry Athletics Web Page tcochran@vianney.com 124
Czajkowski Pattie Guidance Web Page pczajkowski@vianney.com 148
Day Paul Leadership   pday@vianney.com  
DePhillips Wendell Business Office   wdephillips@vianney.com 155
Dilg Bob Maintenance   bdilg@vianney.com 136
Dilg Tim Administration Web Page tdilg@vianney.com 113
Finley Dawn English Web Page dfinley@vianney.com 732 
Gauvain Dave Physical Education Web Page dgauvain@vianney.com 133
Guth Alyce Advancement   aguth@vianney.com 122
Hackett Lisa Front Desk   lhackett@vianney.com  
Haddock Brian Practical Arts Web Page bhaddock@vianney.com 725
Hamilton Adam Science Web Page ahamilton@vianney.com 757
Hilliard Wesley Spanish Web Page whilliard@vianney.com 735
Hoge Jillian English Web Page jhoge@vianney.com 745 
Jewell Les Media and Technology Web Page ljewell@vianney.com 139 
Judge Colleen Fine Arts Web Page cjudge@vianney.com 140
Kennedy Craig Mathematics Web Page ckennedy@vianney.com  
Kenney, S.M. Fr. Tim Campus Ministry   tkenney@vianney.com 280
Kheriaty Nick Science Web Page nkheriaty@vianney.com 721
Lantz Ryan Guidance Web Page rlantz@vianney.com 119
Lewis Brandon Social Studies Web Page blewis@vianney.com 761
Loyet Mike Administration   mloyet@vianney.com 112
Matreci Dennis Administration Web Page dmatreci@vianney.com 116
Mayes Terri Administration   tmayes@vianney.com 100
McAllister Drew Technology Web Page dmcallister@vianney.com 146
McLoughlin, S.M. Bro. Roy Religion Web Page rmcloughlin@vianney.com 737
McVey Tim Bookstore   tmcvey@vianney.com 123
Meyer Bob Guidance   bmeyer@vianney.com 121
Mitchell Carrie Religion Web Page cmitchell@vianney.com 743
Mohr John English Web Page jmohr@vianney.com 739
Mulvihill Tom Admissions   tmulvihill@vianney.com 142
Neyer Jim Fine Arts Web Page jneyer@vianney.com 742
Owens Don Social Studies Web Page dowens@vianney.com 712
Petersen David Mathematics Web Page dpetersen@vianney.com 734
Prost Robert Mathematics Web Page rprost@vianney.com 704
Redman Bill Science Web Page bredman@vianney.com 767
Remiger Jeremy Campus Ministry   jremiger@vianney.com 137
Rhame Paul English Web Page prhame@vianney.com 745
Sargent Eric English Web Page esargent@vianney.com 750
Scanlon Sean Practical Arts Web Page sscanlon@vianney.com 751
Schnur Elaine Business Office   eschnur@vianney.com 150
Schuermann Mark Advancement   mschuermann@vianney.com 144
Shannon John English Web Page jshannon@vianney.com 703
Sodemann Linda Guidance   lsodemann@vianney.com 117
Stein Nate Social Studies Web Page nstein@vianney.com 752
Stevison Mark Technology   mstevison@vianney.com 163
Staggenborg Rob Communications   rstaggenborg@vianney.com 270
Thomas Will Spanish Web Page wthomas@vianney.com 731
Thompson Kristi Spanish Web Page kthompson@vianney.com 722
Touzinsky Keith Science   ktouzinsky@vianney.com 705
Travis Steve Social Studies Web Page stravis@vianney.com 755
Trowbridge Bob Mathematics Web Page rtrowbridge@vianney.com 760
Walsh Charlie Social Studies Web Page cwalsh@vianney.com 756
Walsh Kevin Social Studies Web Page kwalsh@vianney.com 114
Walsh Molly Advancement   mwalsh@vianney.com 166
Weber Jared German Web Page jweber@vianney.com 719
White Meredith Guidance Web Page mwhite@vianney.com 120
Wyss Shawn Practical Arts Web Page swyss@vianney.com 716