CLUB NAME: Travel Abroad

STUDENTS ELIGIBLE: All Vianney students in good standing 

MODERATORS NAME: Jared Weber, Sean Jones, Nate Stein,  Mariah Kiser & Michael Faust

MODERATOR E-MAIL/CONTACT INFORMATION: (Germany), (Ireland), (France) , (Spanish) 

DETAILED DESCRIPTION: St. John Vianney High School offers a variety of travel abroad opportunities organized by various faculty members. Foreign language oriented trips are planned every other year by Sean Jones (Spanish) and Jared Weber (German). Students have a chance to visit the country of their language study. On previous trips, students have traveled to Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein.

Each Fall, Mr. Stein plans a trip to Ireland where students take a tour of the country and it's major attractions while also spending time at two secondary schools.

Mr. Faust & Mrs. Kiser offer a trip every other year with an emphasis on history and religion. In June of 2020, they will lead a trip to follow the Allied advance through Western Europe including stops in London, Normandy, Paris and Berlin. Past trips have included the countries of Greece and Italy.

Activity Points: 5