CLUB NAME:  Academic World Quest

STUDENTS ELIGIBLE:  Juniors & seniors interested in current events, politics, world affairs, etc. 

MODERATOR NAME: Dennis Matreci


STUDENT OFFICERS:  Charlie Preiss '20 for 2019-20

DETAILED DESCRIPTION:  This is a team of 4 students and an alternate or two who prepare for the regional competition by reading materials supplied by the World Affairs Council of Greater St. Louis.  It is a one-round "trivia" contest among local high schools where one team advances to national competition.

CLUB/ACTIVITY CRITERIA TO JOIN (if any):  Interest in the topics mentioned above.

MEETING TIMES (if applicable):  Varies depending on the students' schedules of other activities.

CLUB/ACTIVITIES NEWS AND EVENTS:  The 2018-19 team of Andrew Chapman, Jack Schlote, Nick Schwarzen & PJ Wuennenberg (alternate--Charlie Preiss) won the St. Louis Regional competition in November, 2018.  They went on to represent the St. Louis region at the National Competition in Washington, D.C. in April, 2019.

Activity Points:  See the Student & Parent Handbook for details.